How To Post

You prolly want to open this in a new window so you can do it while you read it.

Check your email. There’s something from Open it and follow the link.

There’s a “New Post” button at the top right of the Dashboard screen. Click on it.

In the title box, give it a title or not.

Below the title box and above the content box, there are some gray/grey icons. These are to upload various types of media to the ever-expanding library for Click the one you want.

In the pop-up box that opens, there are three tabs at the top. The left tab should already be selected, giving you the option below to upload a fantastic file from your computer. That’s probably the option you want. Click it.

Select the file you want from your computer.

It will then upload the file to the media library.

Now you are viewing the file in the media library. Once you set the options for the image, make sure to click the “insert into post” button at the bottom. This will take you back to the “New Post” screen.

Now the preview image of the file you posted appears in the content box. Now is the moment when you prove your click-and-drag skills. Click-and-drag a corner of your preview image so that the width is 400px. The height can be whatever. This is only the size of the image on the main page. The actual image size when you click on the preview will be the original size. Don’t worry.

Click the blue button on the right that says “Publish.”

Bask in the glory.

$withcomments = true;

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